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Dholera SIR Current Status

Dholera SIR , the most sought after city in India is in the making. One, that has focus from the government, investors and developers. A city with the potential to turn around the fate of many through anticipated economic explosion. Considering this, it becomes imperative for us to keep you updated on Dholera SIR current status and the city's latest news update.

Recently, three important events have occurred in the city that is worth a mention.

Firstly, construction of ABCD building contract has been given to Cube Construction Co. and Rs. 72.31 crore has been sanctioned for this purpose. Site demarcation work has commenced near the overhead tank in Dholera. The complex shall soon be functional and ready to use.

Current Status In Dholera SIR

Secondly, Dholera SIR current status speaks of EPC contract for construction of roads and services being awarded to L&T. The 1,734 crore massive contract has been given to the infrastructure giant for better and timely execution. This shall include construction of minor and major roads (72 kilometers) and development of basic utilities in the region.

Lastly, Dholera has been identified as a location suitable for construction of defence artillery, tanks, jeeps and big guns. The city is proposed as an industrial and aerospace hub. Testing and storage plots measuring 8 Sq. Kms. is being offered in the city.

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