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Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

The 1,483 kilometer long Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor intends to make India a global trading and manufacturing hub through causing a manifold increase in the economic activities within the country. The corridor would bring an industrial revolution that shall impact the entire country. DMIC spans through 17% of the Indian subcontinent while it passes through six states and 82 districts. The six states are Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, Southern Haryana, Eastern Rajasthan, Eastern Gujarat, and Western Maharashtra.

The state that shall be most strongly impacted by DMIC shall be Gujarat, with the corridor covering 63% of the state area. Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat will be most impacted while 18 districts in the state shall fall under its influence area. DMIC Dholera shall be a significant landmark in the state as the corridor in the first smart city is expected to bring about an economic revolution. 6 of the 24 investment nodes proposed to be developed along DMIC shall fall under Gujarat. DMIC shall result in creation of six logistic parks in the state and generate 8 lakh new employment opportunities.

Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor

As the construction of DMIC is pacing up, the region is expected to double employment opportunities in seven years, triple the industrial output over a period of nine years and quadruple the exports from India over 8-9 years period. The direct impact of DMIC shall be on the industrial activities of India which is expected to increase by leaps and bounds. The corridor shall support 'Make in India' mission and result in acceleration of trading and manufacturing activities.

Dholera DMIC

The logistic support to this massive infrastructure project shall be provided by the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DCF) which shall run on either side of DMIC. DFC shall assumingly bring down the manufacturing cost in India to the lowest in the world through constant support to DMIC. DFC shall be built along the railway lines which shall in turn serve as locations for development of special industrial nodes. These nodes shall be instrumental in turning around the economic state of India and induce massive developmental opportunities in the country. DMIC is expected to create 24 million new job opportunities by the year 2040 of which DMIC Dholera shall be responsible for 0.80 million job creation.

24 investment nodes have been planned along DMIC to accelerate industrial activities within the region. These nodes shall be responsible for creation of ample resources for economic activities, carrying out business activities at ease amongst varied economic sectors, resolving land acquisition disputes for seamless industry set up and creation of strong transit mechanism for people and goods through roads, railways and port network.