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Property in Dholera SIR Gujarat - The first smart city in India with maximum growth potential!!!

Dholera Special Investment Region is the first one to come into existence after enactment of the SIR Act. The region falls under the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat and is 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad. Surrounded by water bodies on three sides, the area covered by DSIR is 920 Sq. Kms. The dream child of Prime Minister Mr. Modi, Dholera is envisaged as twice the size of Mumbai and six times the size of Shanghai.

Off late, property in Dholera SIR has come into limelight and is considered as a global investment option. As the city's development is taking pace and funds are being induced into the region, investors from all over the world are taking interest in Dholera SIR Property and considering it a place worth parking their funds in. Investments are also flowing in through various multinationals who intend to set up their manufacturing units in the city.

Dholera's strategical location works further towards its advantage; reason why it is sought as global trading and manufacturing hub. The city is close to DMIC, have easy access to Dedicated Freight Corridor and close to GIFT city. This gives further impetus to investments in Dholera SIR Property.

Dholera Sir Property

Many developers are actively participating in this growth spurt and cashing in the opportunity by building various residential housing complex, retail, industrial and commercial property in Dholera SIR. The price of such property is expected to accelerate largely over mid-term making it a value proposition for the investor class.