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Does Dholera Residential Plot Interest You? Here is What You should Know Before Buying it

Posted: 2016-05-30 by Admin

Of the myriad options available in our country, Dholera residential plots are the most preferred real estate investments. Not only has the smart city managed to lure in investor community but has also created similar impact on those who are willing to purchase plots to reside in Dholera.

What makes Dholera properties so famous and why is the town being looked upon with a bright ray of hope and prosperity. The answers can be found in below mentioned points:
  • Dholera is the most progressive city of India and fastest developing too. Credit goes to faster project approvals, funding support from government and the economic development planned in the city.
  • The biggest Greenfield project of India shall create 8 lakh new employment opportunities by 2040 by promoting industrial growth and set up of manufacturing companies. Dholera is being envisioned as a global trading and manufacturing hub.
  • The city shall encompass 22 villages and spread across 920 Sq. Kms. For global outreach, Dholera international airport shall be constructed 20 Kms. from the main city by 2020. This shall have a capacity to accommodate 12,000 passengers within the facility at one go.
  • Residential plots in Dholera are currently underpriced and cheaper than those available in any other smart cities. A good buy for sure!
  • With the projected economic growth of the region, about 5 lakh new residential units shall be required by 2040 to accommodate the growing population which is expected to touch the mark of 2 million. Any investment in real Estate sector shall  therefore deliver superior ROI.
  • Before buying a plot in the city, one should consider factors such as its locality, amenities being provided, linkage with important urban centres and most importantly carry out comparative analysis with similar properties within same locality.
  • It is important for land to be lien free to gain absolute title of land. Go through all government documents to ensure that.
  • Are you being offered plot on Super Built Up Area or Carpet Area? Is the parking included in the cost or not? To avoid being fooled, look out for such points.