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Dholera airport project shall soon take over Ahmedabad International Airport traffic

Dholera international airport project has been approved by relevant authorities and had been put on fast track by the central government.

With 1,700 acres of land allotted for the project and Rs. 1,700 crores in its kitty, Dholera airport shall be constructed at a fast pace. The airport shall be built 20 kilometers from Dholera and shall also serve the air passengers from Ahmedabad. With Ahmedabad airport expected to reach its saturation point soon, Dholera Airport Project shall serve as a lifeline for the excess air traffic in Ahmedabad. With the project site finalized 80 kilometers from Ahmedabad, this becomes a feasible option.

Besides being the fastest growing city, it is also anticipated to become a centre of global trading and manufacturing activities. This would require a superior connectivity of the region with global industries. Dholera airport shall be instrumental in fulfilling this aspect.

Besides the Dholera Airport Project, various other infrastructure developments such as six lane expressway, high speed metro rail and others have been included in list of early bird projects.

Dholera Airport Project