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Dholera Special Investment Region: Ideally located, widely connected...

Dholera Special Investment

Dholera Special Investment Region is a unique region that is being developed in the state of Gujarat. Besides being India's first smart city, it is also envisioned as the 'engine for economic resurgence of India' due to the potential growth opportunities that are expected in DSIR in the upcoming years. The city is strategically located 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad and is a special investment node along the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor. Owing to its proximity to DMIC and the vast spread of the city, Dholera Special Investment Region is also anticipated to become the global trading and manufacturing hub.

DSIR is envisaged to be twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai due to its massive size. The city shall be spread over 22 villages and measure 920 square kilometers. It shall be developed over three decades and is expected to reach the finishing line by 2040. As per Aecom, the planners for the city, DSIR is expected to host 1 lakh people by 2019. The population of the region by the year 2040 is expected to touch 2 million which shall generate residential housing demand for 5 lakh new units. The city shall support 2.5 million citizens through 0.8 million new employment opportunities that shall be generated over the time through a surge in economic activities.

DSIR has received massive funding from the central government which is expected to act as a catalyst and invite further investments from alternate sources such as PPP model and foreign investors. Various conglomerates plan to set up their manufacturing units in Dholera Special Investment Region and its outskirts due to the promising potential of the city, its linkage to the high access corridor and proximity to DMIC. So far, the region has received approximately Rs. 5,400 crores of funding for construction of roads and services, development of ABCD complex, construction of trunk infrastructure projects and Dholera international airport.

Dholera shall witness development of various sectors that include commercial, residential, retail, agricultural, education, infrastructure, etc. The central government has thus allocated specific land for each sector such that they can be developed in a sustainable fashion. The residential land allocation and development has been planned in various phases depending upon the expected population rise in each phase of DSIR. Such residential spaces shall be close to supporting facilities such as commercial outlets, retail shops, public transportation and other infrastructure to ensure ease of living. Dholera Special Investment Region shall be built as a city with easy access to public transportation, high usage of ICT for reduced cost and increased efficiency and affordable housing options such that it attracts people from urban and rural India and provide them a good standard of living.

The city shall be well connected to PAN India and the globe through a wide network of transport modes including port, high speed metro rail, six lane expressway, highways, railways and Dholera international airport. A city of dreams is being built which shall lead the path to the development of 100 other smart cities in the country.